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Prept Helps People Prepare Themselves for the Job Market with Mock Interviews

Job interviews can be harrowing experiences.  Nervousness can negatively affect people’s performances and cost them the job they want, but it’s almost impossible to avoid getting nervous for such an important event.  Job interviews require people to think fast when coming up with answers while also appearing confident.  In many ways, performing well in an interview is a skill in itself.  Prept is a cool product that lets people work on this skill by contacting professionals who will perform mock interviews with them.  Jobseekers can use Prept to get help from experienced pros that will evaluate users’ mock interviews and give helpful feedback on their performances.  On the website, jobseekers can search through the company’s database of interviewers and select one appropriate to their career field.  They can then schedule a specific time to do a mock interview online through video chat.  In theory, these interviews simulate the experience and pressure of an actual job interview so users can prepare themselves mentally for the real thing.  Users with broken webcams will not be able to take part in the online mock interviews unless they get onsite computer repair to fix their cameras.

Prept accounts for the quality of mock interviews by allowing its users to rate each interviewer on the site individually.  Prept makes each review public, as well as the average review score.  This feature should make it easier for users to locate quality interviewers who will be able to prepare them for similar situations in the real world.  Having users review interviewers should also foster a competitive sense among mock interviewers, giving them incentive to give each customer the best and most helpful experience possible.  If someone has trouble accessing the Prept website and getting review scores, online tech support is a good option to consider.

On the opposite side of things, mock interviewers can search through interview requests and accept or reject them based on a user’s profile.  If a Prept interviewer doesn’t feel comfortable interviewing a particular user of if they feel that they won’t be helpful to them, they can reject a request or recommend another interviewer.   The combination of this and the customer review feature ensures that interviewers and candidates match up as best as they possibly can on Prept.  Hopefully, Prept can help prepare jobseekers for their real-life interviews with this system.


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