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Say Hello to Fresh Ingredients Delivered to Your Door From HelloFresh

Too tired or busy to cook dinner every night? If you live on the East Coast of the United States, help is available online from HelloFresh. Have ready-to-cook gourmet meals delivered right to your home, with pre-measured ingredients and clear instructions with accompanying photos. Each meal takes less than 30 minutes to cook, with no shopping necessary, for beginning or experienced cooks.

Not only is HelloFresh convenient, but its meals are also healthy. The calorie count for a meal is between 500 and 750 calories, incorporating the basic food groups and necessary nutrients. The HelloFresh chefs and nutritionists plan meals to fit into a balanced diet.

Started in Berlin, Germany, in December 2011, HelloFresh now has a New York City office. The number of United States customers is now in four digits.

Simon Schmincke, HelloFresh managing director, told RESCUECOM, “I personally like our fish dishes the most. We recently had a coriander crusted scallop with an orange ginger dressing that was mouthwatering. Up until then my favorite was a marinated sirloin steak on a bed of garlic penne. But since you can choose three out of five meals every week, everyone can pick favorites every week.”

HelloFresh introduces its customers to a variety of cuisines and preparations that they might not otherwise experience. A sample box could include ingredients and recipes for Chinese roasted duck salad with orange hoi sin dressing, ozone prawn and prosciutto linguine, and smoked mackerel summer salad with green beans and new potatoes. Special packaging keeps the ingredients fresh if you are not home when the box arrives.

Recipe ingredients are restaurant quality, as local and seasonal as possible. HelloFresh assumes customers will provide their own salt, pepper, olive oil, butter, sugar and basic kitchen equipment.

By subscription, order three meals per week for two, four or six people, ranging from $69 to $179 a week. In advance, you receive choices for the following week. There is now also a vegetarian option, starting at $59 a week. At this time, there is no pre-selection for vegetarian recipes.

HelloFresh provides support in the kitchen for busy families. For tech support for electronic devices, families like these rely on computer professionals.

Subscriptions are flexible, in case you are out of town one week. The current delivery area is the East Coast and some states moving toward the center of the United States.

With a recent $10 million in funding, HelloFresh “will work on improving all sides of our business – operations, IT and marketing efforts,” Schmincke noted. “We also want to use the funding to cover the whole U.S. to revolutionize home cooking for all Americans. Our focus is on how to get the best product to the customer.”

Once HelloFresh meals satisfy your appetite, spend time enjoying games or videos through your home network. If technical problems arise in the equipment, contact specialists for home network service.

Let HelloFresh bring time-saving, taste-tempting meals directly to you!



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