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SnagMobile Goes to Bat for Concession Stands

Sports fans – never miss a spectacular play again at stadiums that use SnagMobile mobile app ordering solutions. Available for both iPhone and Android, the app enables fans to order and pay for food and drinks off the menu, right from their seats. The customer receives a text message when the order is ready to deliver or pick up at an express window.

Concession stands take advantage of SnagMobile’s smartphone app, a point of sale (POS) system and a client dashboard. An order comes into the POS system on a tablet or computer, according to SnagMobile. Food preparers check off the order when it is completed. In addition, the dashboard software manages the online menu, tracks sales and offers promotions to customers.

A SnagMobile idea for stadiums is to incorporate its services into the higher price-ticket section, giving loyal fans the ability to order refreshments for delivery through the app.

The SnagMobile co-founders are Peter Yeager, CEO, and Dan Cody, COO.

Cory Goodenough, who handles marketing, press and social media for SnagMobile, explained to RESCUECOM that SnagMobile began as a concession-ordering smartphone application for stadiums. “The idea behind SnagMobile was conceived when the founders were attending a New York Rangers game and missed an entire period of play waiting in line for concessions. Fans at stadiums that incorporate the SnagMobile software can now order and enjoy refreshments without ever leaving their seats. Last baseball season, two minor league stadiums successfully utilized the SnagMobile software, the Tri-City ValleyCats here in Albany, New York, and the Lake Erie Crushers out in Ohio.”

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SnagMobile is reaching out to other venues, such as hotels, golf courses, resorts and restaurants. Hotel guests can order room service or request amenities from smartphones. Golf courses can deliver refreshments to golfers’ locations. Another choice, according to Goodenough, is that “golfers can order a burger and beer on the seventh tee and pick them up with no delay at the turn.”

Before heading out to the stadium or other hospitality site that offers ordering through SnagMobile, make sure your smartphone is working. For iPhone support, contact a specialist.

“SnagMobile is unique in the fact that the software suite is applicable across many platforms and venues,” Goodenough added. “SnagMobile has the potential for immersion across multiple vertical value chains. Additionally, SnagMobile offers a new out-of-the box solution package, which includes a free Nexus 7 tablet with order tracking, a comprehensive online menu builder and marketing materials, all for only $49 per month.”

SnagMobile is one of five finalists in the Startup Labs Business Competition in Syracuse, New York, with announcement of the $150,000 grand prize winner coming in April.

Stretch a little longer than usual during the seventh-inning stretch if the concession stand delivers your refreshments to your seat.



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