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Archive Web Browsing Discoveries With archify

How aggravating! You recently read something while browsing the web that could come in handy right now, but you cannot remember where you saw it. Let archify come to your rescue. It keeps the web pages you have visited, your social networks and Gmail correspondence at your fingertips in the cloud, available for only you to search.

Instead of bookmarking items you think you will want to revisit later, save time and energy with the personalized search engine archify. It goes a step beyond a basic Google search and gives you results from items you have already visited.

“I like that we are trying to help people be more productive with their online lives,” Brendan Quinn of archify informed RESCUECOM. “It’s a tool that helps web workers and heavy Internet users find what they need in an efficient manner.”

According to archify, it encrypts your personal search data and stores it securely, protected by a password.

Austrians Max Kossatz, CEO, and Gerald Bäck, CTO, founded archify in 2012. The service was in private beta since February, launching publicly November 27, 2012, and is now located in Berlin.

Search from the archify browser plug-in, Google, Gmail or the archify website. The plug-in works behind the scenes, grabbing screenshots as well as the text of visited pages. This means that you will see the page as it was when you visited, even if there have since been updates. Private sessions, such as secure buying or banking from an https page, will not archive. You can also select websites that you do not want archived.

Whether you are searching for an article containing information pertinent to your research or trying to find a recent Facebook status, archify can help. Search your browsing activity during a specified time period, if you wish.

For archify users, Internet security is important to protect searches. Direct any questions about using the Internet safely to computer experts.

When you search in a regular search engine and something appropriate exists in your own archify archive, you will receive notification.

In addition, archify analyzes your web browsing habits, such as which sites you visit the most, which you spend the most time on, and the time and day you are most likely to be on the web. You can receive charts showing your daily or weekly activity.

“archify is different because we archive your browsing history from all major browsers (Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Opera) and also your social media streams (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn),” Quinn added. “Easily search through all of your personal online content in one single place.”

The archify plug-in enables you to save your search history in the cloud. But if you should lose data stored in your computer, contact computer specialists for online data recovery options.

Basic archify accounts are free. Quinn said the company plans to add features and grow its user base.

archify sounds like the modern equivalent of dropping bread crumbs through your web travels.



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