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OfficeTime Helps Increase Productivity and Billables

How many times have you felt that your workday got away from you, with little to show for it? Improve your office time management and increase billing with OfficeTime software. It helps increase productivity and ensures accurate billing hours. It also features an iOS app to track an employee’s time and business expenses, which then can sync the information back to the office computers to produce invoices and reports.

OfficeTime is useful for managers in charge of small teams, consultants, lawyers, freelance workers, business owners and their employees or anyone who bills clients, either per hour or project. It is available for Mac, PC, iPhone and iPad.

Stephen Dodd, founder and director, explained to RESCUECOM how OfficeTime increases productivity. “People who bill by the hour find they start billing more time simply by tracking it better. This means you increase your billables with almost no extra work. Some people bill by the project and it’s always useful to know when you’re about to go over your internally allotted hours. Plus, tracking your hours versus your estimate helps you provide more accurate quotes in the future. That affects the bottom line. Of course, others just want to know where the heck their day went. The most important rule of management is to know where your time goes.”

Choose the project and task you are going to tackle. Start the timer. You can see the time elapsed this work session, as well as the billing amount for that time.

Customize the OfficeTime software to meet your needs. It keeps track of time spent under various projects or categories. Move easily from one category to another when interrupted. “I happen to love that when I step away from my computer, it notices and lets me put the time into another project,” Dodd added.

When you use an iPad to keep track of your billable hours, you want to avoid any iPad downtime. Computer experts are ready to provide preventative iPad support seven days a week.

Analyze individual or team productivity for comparison purposes. Organize by client, project and task. Compare productivity from month to month to see if any projects are taking longer than expected or costing too much.

Your office computer plays an important role in invoicing clients and analyzing employee productivity through OfficeTime. If the equipment needs computer service, contact reputable computer professionals.

The cost for OfficeTime Mac and PC versions is $47, and the app costs $7.99. There are no ongoing monthly fees, so OfficeTime should pay for itself quickly with increased billings. There is a 120-day guarantee to receive your purchase price back if not satisfied. “It just makes sense and I think every company should do it,” Dodd stated. “Having a customer walk away happy is far more important than making a few extra bucks.”



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