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It Takes Two Authentication Factors to Be Secure, Says Toopher

As identity thieves and fraudsters become more sophisticated, so must techniques to stop them. Passwords are no longer enough to keep criminals from entering your accounts. It is now possible to authenticate a transaction using your location, thanks to the widespread use of smartphones and Toopher. This free app for iPhone and Android is also a keyless way to log onto the Internet.

For greater security in transactions using mobile devices, Toopher adds location as a second source of verification to a password, credit card or other identification. The person using your identity, hopefully you, must be in the same location as your phone for the transaction to continue.

Evan Grim and Josh Alexander started the Austin, Texas-based Toopher in 2011. “Security is a right, not a privilege,” Alexander, co-founder and CEO, told RESCUECOM. “From a security perspective, Toopher is James Bond cool, but so easy your mother could use it.”

Some statistics from Toopher are that online fraud cost $114 billion last year, with United States banks losing $11 billion and consumers losing $4 billion. Repairing one hack could cost $6.5 million.

Both individuals and businesses can benefit from Toopher. With your phone in your pocket, Toopher has the information to accept or question a transaction. If someone enters your computer remotely during your logged-in session, Toopher will also ask for phone location verification, to protect against unauthorized entry. When you leave your computer, Toopher locks your account. You can also lock your accounts whenever you will not be using them, for greater security. Toopher alerts you of any suspicious behavior on your accounts.

Your smartphone is an integral part of your online security with Toopher. Seek iPhone repair from a qualified expert whenever your phone experiences a problem.

Businesses want to protect their customers’ personal information. If hackers steal information, there could be monetary repercussions, as well as a loss of customers. Some organizations that could benefit from adding the few lines of Toopher code to their computers are retailers, financial institutions, social communication sites, cloud services and entertainment companies. Universities could also protect student grades and other information from hacking.

“Toopher could have prevented the recent hacks of major corporations,” Alexander noted. “We can break the paradigm of more secure, less usable; more convenient, less secure, for an even more secure online experience.”

Toopher’s two-factor authentication keeps your logins and transactions secure. Protect your computer system from viruses and malware with Internet security.

With Toopher, not only your losses through fraud will be less, but so will your costs for fraud prevention. For businesses with up to 50 users, there is no charge for Toopher. For up to 100,000 users, the cost can range from $.50 to $2.50 per user.

Toopher hopes to apply its system to other markets that should have better security, according to Alexander. “We are really excited about the possibilities of delivering security to three demographics – consumers, enterprise and developers,” he concluded.



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