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GIVINGtrax Promotes Mutual Benefits for Businesses and Nonprofits

In tough economic times, businesses and individuals must rethink charitable giving. Can they continue giving at a comfortable level without hurting nonprofit organizations depending on donations? Karrie and Lance Hungerford started the philanthropy platform GIVINGtrax in August 2010 to answer this and other charitable-giving questions.

Through GIVINGtrax’s efforts, the community can become more aware of who gives and how important these gifts are.

Courtney Titus, a GIVINGtrax co-founder and CMO, explained to RESCUECOM, “GIVINGtrax provides a cloud software platform that allows all businesses the ability to manage and track donations for measurable results and social impact. The software seamlessly engages the businesses, employees and customers and gives nonprofits the tools to say `THANKS’ socially to their business partners.”

Lance Hungerford was donating about $100,000 a year through his four Round Table Pizza stores, but that was more than his bottom line during recent economic difficulties. GIVINGtrax arose from his wish to track and manage his giving, while informing employees and customers of the economic challenges.

“What’s unique in GIVINGtrax is the option for the individual to connect to their employer,” Titus noted, “bridging the gap between consumer and workplace giving. Let’s say I work for Nordstrom. We simply search for them in GIVINGtrax and connect, choosing `employee’ as our affiliation. By doing so, Nordstrom’s employee matched giving programs are `pushed’ out to me. Should I later change employers, I can easily disconnect from Nordstrom, and when ready, reconnect to my new employer. In the meantime, all my giving history, photos, videos and stories from my favorite causes remain intact on my dashboard.”

Nonprofits can enter requests for donations into GIVINGtrax, to simplify fundraising efforts and match organizations with likely potential donors.

Businesses, nonprofits, individuals, schools, foundations and children’s sports teams are the major participants in GIVINGtrax. While still in beta, GIVINGtrax is currently free to all. After the public launch, the subscription cost to a business will depend on its size.

“GIVINGtrax solves pain points on multiple levels – consumers can finally `own’ their contributions,” Titus said. “Employers are freed from supporting yet another internal tool, and the general public has a transparent view of a company’s giving behavior.”

GIVINGtrax’s website blog offers information on how to choose preferred charities by finding those with donor-compatible missions and good money management.

Although funded differently, both for-profits and nonprofits benefit from expert office computer support, available onsite or over the phone.

In recent developments, Titus noted, “GIVINGtrax recently signed a partnership agreement with Global Impact to handle GIVINGtrax’s donation processing. Global Impact provides organizations and donors with effective ways to give to causes, regions and crises throughout the world. We deliver a wide range of giving solutions through an alliance of globally focused charities, management of two of the world’s largest workplace giving campaigns and partnerships to meet the needs of organizations and donors.”

When giving to charities online, donors must be aware of security precautions. Anyone with questions about Internet security should consult computer professionals, such as RESCUECOM.



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