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Burst: A New Way to Share Photos Selectively

You have an adorable photo of your child and want to share it with family and close friends, not with everyone in your social networks. The free Burst app, available for iOS and Android, shares your joy with only a select few. You control the distribution.

The app includes a camera to take photos or a video of up to five minutes long. Pick recipients from your address book and send the link by email or text. Burst refers to images as “moments.” Send one or more moments at a time. Since Burst keeps your images on the cloud, they are available to share again later, search or view on electronic devices with an Internet connection.

Launched in 2011 in Boston, Massachusetts, with children’s sports in mind, Burst has other uses. Several athletes in the 2012 London Olympics used Burst to share their experiences.

Tracy Deforge, co-founder and co-COO, told RESCUECOM that the best reason to use Burst is “its simplicity. We’re not just an app; we’re more of a platform.”

“Bubbles” enable you to share action as it happens. If your spouse cannot attend a child’s soccer game, send a bubble of what is going on. A bubble keeps the images for a certain event all in one place. Several people at a family reunion, for example, could share the moments they captured, giving everyone a fuller picture of the activities.

Before an important game or family event, make sure your phone is ready to capture the highlights. Contact a computer professional for iPhone support.

If you wish, create a private group, such as parents of a child’s teammates, for easy sharing of group-specific items. If you want to share to Facebook or other social sites, you can.

You use Burst to share personal images with those in your inner circle. Have a computer expert verify the Internet security of your electronic devices to keep your other personal information safe.

You can also import a photo taken with another camera into the Burst app or website. Within the next month, you will be able to export to other places, such as a home server.

Burst has also created interest among businesses. Deforge said Burst is a good way for reporters and stringers to gather hyperlocal content. “Through a content management system, they can publish immediately or go through an approval process,” she stated. The Hartford Courant in Hartford, Connecticut, is using bubbles to follow the University of Connecticut’s women’s team in the 2013 NCAA basketball tournament, she said.

In addition, Burst is useful to small businesses. Deforge noted, “We are perfecting our business-to-business tool. For small businesses that don’t have much video on their websites, we provide an inexpensive way to add video in an easy-to-publish way.”

There is no cost for consumers to use Burst, but a freemium model for businesses is coming soon.

Now when your child scores the winning goal, “Burst it” to proud family members.



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